South Florida Rock Redefined

Welcome to the exhilarating realm of BlackWater Sound, the sensational rock band from South Florida! Get ready to be swept away on a musical journey like no other!

These talented teenagers possess an uncanny ability to traverse a multitude of rock genres, from the timeless classics to the soulful melodies of the south, from the thunderous roar of metal to the nostalgic anthems of the 90s. They’ve got a tune to match every soul! Whether they’re rocking out at events, festivals, charities, private parties, or bars, BlackWater Sound brings their electrifying sound to any venue.

Prepare to have your senses set ablaze as each band member unleashes their formidable talent upon the stage. Tillia’s vocals will send shivers down your spine, while Jake and Ryan’s blistering guitar solos will transport you to another dimension. Julian’s bass slaps will make your heart thump with rhythmic fervor, and Noah’s keys will add a touch of funk that’ll have you grooving all night long. And let’s not forget Cole, the master of beats, who keeps the rhythm locked in an unbreakable grip. Together, BlackWater Sound conjures a sonic storm that will leave audiences spellbound, craving for more.

But the magic doesn’t end there! BlackWater Sound is not just a band, but a force for good. They and their devoted fans are passionate about supporting local charities and causes that touch their hearts. Since their inception in the late summer of 2021, they have proudly lent their talents and raised thousands for Kids in Distress, Family Fest for Hurricane Ian Relief, FurFest for Sandy Paws Canine Rescue, ARC Broward, Autism Awareness, and the Hope Floats Movement, benefiting homeless school kids. So come, acquaint yourself with these noble organizations and their remarkable missions, and join BlackWater Sound as they rock on for a purpose greater than themselves. It’s a harmonious symphony of music and activism!

If you’re looking for the ultimate live music experience, BlackWater Sound is the answer. With the ability to rock out for up to four hours, they guarantee an unforgettable night that will have everyone on their feet, begging for more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness the musical phenomenon that is BlackWater Sound – the South Florida sensation that is making waves in the rock scene!

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Led Zeppelin

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Tom Petty

Eric Clapton

The Beatles

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The Kinks


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